Lance Goodman (alucard_uk) wrote in flightsimulator,
Lance Goodman

A little help.

I've recently begun to use the ATC to direct my flight instead of just finding a route and following it.

One thing I'm not sure about is some of the terminology. Could someone explain to me what 'Request flight following' means and how do I aks the ATC for the ILS frequency of the runway they direct me to land on?

Many thanks
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Flight following just means that ATC will keep an eye on you and advise of any traffic they see that may be in your area. They do not guide your path or course.

I don't think you can ask ATC on MSFS for the ILS freq. You can obtain it from the map view and clicking on the airport. That should bring up a list of information about the airport including radio frequencies. The ILS freq will give you both left and right course guidance and vertical guidance. If it says Localizer frequency, the only the left and right course guidance is available.

You can go to a pilot supply store at a local airport and buy a package of approach plates for an area that you would like to "fly" in. Usually 6-8 bucks will buy you a pack of a couple hundred. They sell them by groups of several states. MSFS has all the real stuff built into it so you can fly exactly the same approach as a real pilot/airline flys. Sometimes I will read an accident report and set up the approach in MSFS to fly it and see where the pilot went wrong. You can also get an instrument flying handbook and learn a lot of the procedures and terms.

Have fun.
Thanks for that. Things are much clearer now. Looks like I might be taking a trip to my local airport sometime soon :)
I didn't look at where you are located. Nottingham does not have an ILS, but if you look at the East Midlands airport just to the west you will see it is blue instead of magenta (red.) If it is blue it will have an ILS or localizer. East Midlands ILS is on Freq. 109.35

Here is a typical ILS approach chart.

Put this in MSFS and fly the approach and you will begin to see how it works.

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For US approach plates, in PDF format, go to, then "NACO Approach Plates."

Here's one you might like

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